Saturday, December 15, 2007

After Realizing God !

....So long as a man is far from the market, he hears a loud and indistinct buzzing only, something like 'Ho! Ho!' But when he enters the market he no longer hears the uproar, but perceives distinctly that some one is bargaining for potatoes, another for Brinjal, and so on....
...As long as a man is far away from God, he is in the midst of the noise and confusion of reason, argument, and discussion; but when once a person approaches the Almighty, all reasonings, arguments, and discussions cease, and he understands the mysteries of God with vivid and clear perception...

~Gospel of Sri RamaKrishna

Friday, December 14, 2007

Earnestness In Spiritual Life Extolled !

You must practice spiritual discipline a little. It will not do simply to say that milk contains butter. You must let the milk set into curd and then churn it. Only then can you get butter from it. Spiritual aspirants must go into solitude now and then. After acquiring love of God in solitude, they may live in the world. If one is wearing a pair of shoes, one can easily walk over thorns.

~Gospel Of Sri RamaKrishna

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Harmony Of World Religious !

Truth is one; only It is called by different names. All people are seeking the same Truth; the variance is due to climate, temperament, and name. A lake has many ghats. From one ghat the Hindus take water in jars and call it 'jal'.

From another ghat the Mussalmāns take water in leather bags and call it 'pāni'.

the Christians take the same thing and call it 'water'.

Suppose someone says that the thing is not 'jal' but 'pāni', or that it is not 'pāni' but 'water', or that it is not 'water' but 'jal', It would indeed be ridiculous. But this very thing is at the root of the friction among sects, their misunderstandings and quarrels. This is why people injure and kill one another, and shed blood, in the name of religion. But this is not good. Everyone is going toward God. They will all realize Him if they have sincerity and longing of heart.

~Gospel Of SriRamaKrishna

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Unselfish Work To Attain Spirituality !

Devotee: "Then, sir, we must give up our activities until we realize God?"

Sri Ramakrishna: "No.Why should you? You must engage in such activities as contemplation, singing His praises, and other daily devotions."

Devotee: “But what about our worldly duties — duties associated with our earning money, and so on?”

Sri Ramakrishna: Yes, you can perform them too, but only as much as you need for your livelihood. At the same time, you must pray to God in solitude, with tears in your eyes, that you may be able to perform those duties in an unselfish manner.
You should say to Him: 'O God, make my worldly duties fewer and fewer; otherwise, O Lord, I find that I forget Thee when I am involved in too many activities. I may think I am doing unselfish work, but it turns out to be selfish.' People who carry to excess the giving of alms, or the distributing of food among the poor.

~Gospel Of SriRamaKrishna

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beware About Bad Company !

A young plant should always be protected against goats and cows and the miscief of little urchins, by means of a fence. But when it becomes a big tree, a flock of goats or a herd of cows can freely find shelter under its spreading boughs and fill their stomachs with their leaves. So when your faith is yet in its infancy, you should protect it from the evil influences of bad company. But when you grow strong in faith, no worldliness or evil inclination will dare approach your holy presence; and many who are wicked will become godly through their holy contact with you

~Gospel Of Sri RamaKrishna

Monday, December 10, 2007

Soul Is Different From Body !

As long as there is the body, one should take care of it. But I find that the body is quite separate from the Self(Soul). When a man rids himself entirely of his love for 'woman and gold', then he clearly perceives that the body is one thing and the Self another. When the milk inside the coconut is all dried up, then the kernel becomes separated from the shell; you feel the kernel rattling inside when you shake the coconut. Or it is just like a sword and its sheath. The sword is one thing and the sheath is another

~Gospel Of Sri RamaKrishna

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Different Likings Of Worshippers !

As the same fish is dressed into soup, curry, or cutlet, and each has his own choice dish of it, so the Lord of the Universe, though one, manifests Himself differently according to the different likings of His worshippers, and each of these has his own taste of God, which he values the most. To some He is a kind master or a loving father

~Gospel Of SriRamaKrishna