Saturday, May 10, 2008

We Should Pray For Others !

Every day we should make it a point to pray for the good of others. This sort of prayer ,if done with a certain amount of concentration , will bring good to others .Not only that, it cultivate in us a feeling of love for our fellow brings who are struggling for the height life and passing trough great anguish and difficulties.

Expansion of the soul is very essential for true purity and calmness of mind for concentrating it in on divine .So when we pray for others we ourselves get nearer and nearer to God.
~swami Yatiswarananda (senior monk of Ramakrishna order)

Mothers Forever -Remainder of God's Creation !

Mothers Forever" is a not just a thought...its a consuming feeling. Its a sensation of the soul. It’s a parable. a heart felt dream...a hope...a small attempt to make the world a better place through love, affection and the compassion of the blessing of a mother..

May God give us the strength, ability and honour..of repaying our mothers every single day with every step we take through life. for there is no tear and no blessing. That can compare to that of the warmth of a mother's arms and the compassion of her care...

"Mother's Forever" is an extension of your heart..its an extension of a heart that can never be thankful enough to God for the gift of a mother..."Mothers Forever" and its true meaning always has, always does and always will live on deep down the core of our hearts for as long as we live and for as long as the world is a heaven on earth with the gift of a "Mother"!

We must thank to god ,given the mother to live in this world.we cant see the god by our own eyes but we can feel the god by mother…

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can Spiritualism And Materialism Be Synergized !

We live concurrently in two non-coinciding worlds. The spiritual & materialistic. Spiritualism is the kaleidoscope of ones inner world, while materialism is the world that keeps one bodily alive. Both worlds have to be balanced for the human life to reach its full potential.

If one neglect the spiritual world and base ones being only to the materialist, one would be missing the comfort the spiritual world has to offer for ones mental peace and keeping ones sanity. If a person neglects the materistic world and concentrates only on the spiritual world, one can become a social outcast and would defeat the very existence of humans as social being.

I feel spiritualism should be practiced in the inner privacy of ones mind. While materialism which is very synonymous to religion is for social order and management & should be part of our public life. These worlds should never be mixed together and should be practiced independently for attaining their respective goal. Mixing of religion and spiritualism is the root cause of all confusion & strife of our times.

Spend Your Time For Spiritual Activity !

The real meaning of human life is Self realization, which can be attend in this birth or may take several births to reach the destination…

Here we have a doubt,

Why we need self realization?
What is higher life?
Why should i away from materialist world?
What is the necessity of the spirituality in my life?

All the above question cant raised in out mind until we hate the materialist things,

Still most of them are satisfied with their doings and livings.
Don’t be satisfied only with worldly things. World is an open book for everyone. Open your eyes and see the things closely love the nature which gives lot lesson about our materialist life. No one can predict our life time; also we don’t know exactly what will happen next second.

So Don’t waste your time with only watching movies ,reading novels , chatting with friends spend some time for higher life by reading spiritual books, visiting holy places and meeting spiritual aspirant

Daily spend at least 10 mins for prayer to your beloved lord

~Spiritual Guide book

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do Your Duty Without Much Expectations !

We would do nothing ourselves and would scoff at others who try to do something —this is the bane that has brought about our downfall as a nation. Want of sympathy and lack of energy are at the root of all misery, and you must therefore give these two up. Who but the Lord knows what potentialities there are in particular individuals? Let all have opportunities, leave the rest to the Lord.

~Swami Vivekananda

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Desire On Worldly Things!

Can you weep for Him with intense longing of heart? Men shed a jugful of tears for the sake of their children, for their wives, or for money. But who weeps for God? So long as the child remains engrossed with its toys, the mother looks after her cooking and other household duties. But when the child no longer relishes the toys, it throws them aside and yells for its mother. Then the mother takes the rice-pot down from the hearth, runs in haste, and takes the child in her arms
~Sri Ramakrishna