Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spend Your Time For Spiritual Activity !

The real meaning of human life is Self realization, which can be attend in this birth or may take several births to reach the destination…

Here we have a doubt,

Why we need self realization?
What is higher life?
Why should i away from materialist world?
What is the necessity of the spirituality in my life?

All the above question cant raised in out mind until we hate the materialist things,

Still most of them are satisfied with their doings and livings.
Don’t be satisfied only with worldly things. World is an open book for everyone. Open your eyes and see the things closely love the nature which gives lot lesson about our materialist life. No one can predict our life time; also we don’t know exactly what will happen next second.

So Don’t waste your time with only watching movies ,reading novels , chatting with friends spend some time for higher life by reading spiritual books, visiting holy places and meeting spiritual aspirant

Daily spend at least 10 mins for prayer to your beloved lord

~Spiritual Guide book

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