Saturday, December 27, 2008

Top 5 New Year Resolutions For Higher Life !

Every day world gives some good lessons to learn and correct our self to attain perfection in normal day today life.. Useful things which we can go-ahead from this new year for higher life.

1. Daily Read Holy books. Spend some time for that, atleast ½ hr

2. Daily prayer (Prayer for whole universe),if possible do meditation also

3. Try to avoid the fault findings form others and see your own faults (As holy mother said)

4. Do your duty with devotion and don’t worry about the result .It is not in our hand.

5. Serve for poor people. This habit would help us to destroy our ego and will get inner peace.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Most Happiest Thing In The Universe Is Self Realization !

...the so called many Atmans(souls) or many spirits are but the partial manifestations of one universal Atman, or a universal Spirit, whom we call God, and who is worshipped by different names in different countries – by some as our Father in heaven, by others as Brahman, Allah, Christ, Buddha, and so forth. We are by our birthright, as it were, immortal and divine. Our true nature is changeless… Birth, growth, decay and death can affect only the gross form. But that which is beyond the physical body, that which is the illuminator of the subtle body, is free from all change; as such It is immortal and eternal. That Atman(soul) is the real individual in us.
~Swami Abhedananda