Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can Spiritualism And Materialism Be Synergized !

We live concurrently in two non-coinciding worlds. The spiritual & materialistic. Spiritualism is the kaleidoscope of ones inner world, while materialism is the world that keeps one bodily alive. Both worlds have to be balanced for the human life to reach its full potential.

If one neglect the spiritual world and base ones being only to the materialist, one would be missing the comfort the spiritual world has to offer for ones mental peace and keeping ones sanity. If a person neglects the materistic world and concentrates only on the spiritual world, one can become a social outcast and would defeat the very existence of humans as social being.

I feel spiritualism should be practiced in the inner privacy of ones mind. While materialism which is very synonymous to religion is for social order and management & should be part of our public life. These worlds should never be mixed together and should be practiced independently for attaining their respective goal. Mixing of religion and spiritualism is the root cause of all confusion & strife of our times.

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