Saturday, October 20, 2007

Spiritual disciplines necessary at the beginning

Sri RamaKrishna: "I should like to visit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar(Devotee of Sri ramakrishna) a few times more. The painter first draws the general outlines and then puts in the details and colours at his leisure. The moulder first makes the image out of clay, then plasters it, then gives it a coat of whitewash, and last of all paints it with a brush. All these steps must be taken successively. Vidyasagar(Devotee of Sri ramaKrishna) is fully ready, but his inner stuff is covered with a thin layer. He is now engaged in doing good works; but he doesn't know what is within himself. Gold is hidden within him. God dwells within us. If one knows that, one feels like giving up all activities and praying to God with a yearning soul."

Sri RamaKrishna: "A little spiritual discipline is necessary in order to know what lies within."

Devotee: "Is it necessary to practise discipline all through life?"

Sri RamaKrishna : "No. But one must be up and doing in the beginning. After that one need not work hard. The helmsman stands up and clutches the rudder firmly as long as the boat is passing through waves, storms, high wind, or around the curves of a river; but he relaxes after steering through them. As soon as the boat passes the curves and the helmsman feels a favorable wind, he sits comfortably and just touches the rudder. Next he prepares to unfurl the sail and gets ready for a smoke. Likewise, the aspirant enjoys peace and calm after passing the waves and storms of 'woman and gold'.

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