Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bhakthi !

A Pandit : Thew Theosophists say that there are 'Mahatmas’. They also say that there
are different planes and spheres like astral planes, Devayanic plane, solar sphere, lunar
sphere etc., and that man's subtle body can go to all these places. They say many other
things such things .Sir what is your opinion on Theosophy?

Sri Ramakrishna : Bhakthi alone is supreme-Bhakthi? or devotion to God. Do they care for Bhakthi? If they do, that is well. It is well if they have God-realization for their aim and goal. But remember, to be engrossed in such trivial things as solar sphere, lunar sphere, astral sphere etc., is not genuine search after God.
One has to do Sadhanas (spiritual practices) in order to get devotion to His lotus feet; one has to weep for Him with the intense longing of the heart. The mind should be gathered up from the different objects and concentrated exclusively on Him. He is not in the Vedas or Vedanta of in any other scripture. Nothing will be achieved unless one's heart yearns for Him. One has to pray to Him with intense devotion and practice Sadhanas. God cannot be realized so easily.
Sadhanas are necessary.

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