Friday, February 22, 2008

7 Commands For Spiritual life !

Share your food with the hungry.

Eat Vegetarian food which is one of the catalysts to move to spiritual path.

Daily do the Meditation at early morning

Spread your love with all the living beings in the world and love the nature

In initial stage reading holy book and holy company is must.

Live Simple, Don’t expect anything from others…

Yatra (pilgrimage visiting, journey to holy places) which keeps the minds to think about the God in the world itself.

Above saying from Brahmasri Ezhumalai (My Grand father)

Brahmasri Ezhumalai age 92 , living simple. He is doing mediation and Pranayama from his childhood. Always helping to poor (Providing food)…I never seen him to visit hospital for illness…Daily he is doing the mediation more than 4 hrs….I am trying to do for 5 min..oops

He is one of my inspiration to aspire spiritual life in daytodaylife.

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