Thursday, February 5, 2009

Live The Spiritual Life According To Bhagavad Gita !

How important and relevant is the message of the bhagavad Gita today? We might as well ask question:"how important and relevant is the sun today! Or the air? Or the water? Or all the elements of nature?" In other words, the term 'relevance today' in the context of the Gita redundant and rather bemusing.
Having said this, we should also confess that like the importance of air-water-earth-and all-else, the message of Gita also needs to be restated again and again, until we are able to live our lives according to it.


Brian said...

It is not by restating the same thing again and again that we will succeed in making others believe in what we are saying. We need to accept reasonableness and common sense, so that others are able to practically apply this in their lives. We also need to show lot of understanding towards the difficulties which an individual faces whilst walking on spiritual path and be open about it and not criticise them by saying 'You are not following'. We should also not insist on surrender

Prateek said...
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Prateek said...

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