Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inspirational Spiritual Poems !

Dear God, put your words to pen,
help me lay the pain on paper.
The weight to be unloaded,
the agony to taper.

He who hates this life shall find it,
I have now begun to see.
The sacrifices made down here,
meant to purify and cleanse me.

How can I serve your purpose,
when I exist only in part.
The blood of life pumps weakly,
pulsing from just half a heart.

Explain this hole of loss
from something never quite attained.
Show me how to keep on living,
when there is nothing to sustain.

Hear my prayers, look down on me
my spirit needs reviving.
I've become so heavy and so low,
each day's about surviving.

Touch me with your hand of light,
embrace your child who is so small.
Nourish me with strength and mercy,
show me how to walk not crawl.

Don't forsake me in my depth of need,
trust me with your blessings.
Give me hope, I bleed for you,
true desperation I'm confessing.

Let me lean my soul on you,
dispense your love in time of need.
Your direction I am seeking,
sifting through the words I read.

My Father, I am humbled,
on my knees I beg you now.
Turn the tears into a river,
to flood my veins with life and power.

Grant me godliness and wisdom,
the way make clear unto my eyes.
I will obey and I will follow,
burn through the clouds blocking my skies.

Lee Parsons

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