Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have A Healthy body And A Pure Mind

Important factors before beginning spiritual practice are:
A controlled life, Diet, exercise, rhythmi breating .As regards food, eat only what you can assimilate. Every aspirant must find out what is good for him.
Exercise is necessary. Taka care of stomach and brain. Mental and physical disciples are importane.create the right mood.Given attention to your breathing. This in itself is a bit of concentration. When breath is controlled the mind will come back to itself.


Brian said...

One should not eat meat. 2day's food problems are because of meat eaters. One who eat meat should not talk about spirituality. It sounds like 'Tiger' talking about non-violence.Reasonableness is very important, cannot go for surrender.

Spiritual Bee said...

Please Read about Kannappa Nayanar (One such example of a great devotee of Lord Shiva. All he knew was to hunt,...)
Kannappa Nayanar story