Monday, May 19, 2008

How To Purify Our Mind

When we started to help others we can find the peace of mind. This is one of the way to share other pains and trying to resolve it as much as possible.

Every day lot of people losing their life because of famine and starvation. Just try to help them by means of providing food .you may have money to lead luxury life but those people not at all have single day food. Think of them and donate the money to Red Cross or social work clubs.

Some people are suffering by diseases; they may be counting their days. We don’t have power to save their life .If not possible to help others due to some reason, at latest we could pray for them to GOD.


Brian said...

One should set aside a reasonable sume of money everymonth for charitable purpose. And meditate to help people not pray

Spiritual Bee said...

Sri Ramakrishna assures the devotees about the efficacy of prayer:

HAZRA: �Does God listen to our prayer for bhakti [devotion]?�
MASTER: �Surely. I can assure you of that a hundred times. But the prayer must be genuine and earnest. Do worldly-minded people weep for God as they do for wife and children? At Kamarpukur the wife of a certain man fell ill. The man thought she would not recover; he began to tremble and was about to faint. Who feels that way for God?

You will feel restless for God when your heart becomes pure and your mind free from attachment to the things of the world. Then alone will your prayer reach God. A telegraph wire cannot carry messages if it has a break or some other defect.

Brian said...

Coming down from cycle Our wire has rusty and neutral, it does not carry electricity of peace and love. It is God who Gives us power through his blessings that is when we become able to experience his peace and love. Without his blessings we cannot experience peace and love. We don't need to pray, he senses our vibrations. Sensing our vibrations of pain, he realised its time to come into this world.