Friday, March 27, 2009

Sri Ramakrishna Sayings About Human Ego !

Having plunged the depths of spiritual realisation, Sri Ramakrishna had a first-hand account of the way to reach that state. He, therefore, discouraged any tendency to consider scriptural study a necessary step to the realization of God.

The reasons for this attitude of Sri Ramakrishna are many. Continual intellectual study resulted in vanity, false satisfaction and undigested knowledge, he said. Sacred books were beneficial if they helped in cultivating devotion to God and stimulated the desire for inner realization. A mere scholar has an exaggerated notion of his own spiritual progress. If one busied oneself with an outer display of scriptural knowledge, what time would be left for silent inward diving into the Ocean of God’s Beauty and gather the precious gems of spirituality—devotion, knowledge, discrimination and dispassion? After reading a few books man becomes conceited. Such egotism is begotten by ignorance, said Sri Ramakrishna. Through ignorance man forgets God and speaks always of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. On account of the barrier of ego one does not see God. Only the humble man, who surrendered himself to God, could attain knowledge


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