Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spiriual Question And Answer !

QUESTION: What is the relation between bodyand mind?

ANSWER: From the absolute point of view,body and mind are same, made up of the samematerial. This is what Advaita Vedanta says.(Even modern science says that matter and energy are one entity. But it does not knowyet, the equation between matter and mind.)
According to Vedanta, like body, mind is also subtle matter. However, from practicalviewpoint, matter and mind are different and influence each other. Mind affects the body,and body affects the mind.

QUESTION: When I say ‘I’, what does it represent: my body or my mind?

ANSWER: It all depends upon what you are referring to at the specific moment. Whenyou say, I am fat or fair or tall, you are referring to the body as ‘I.’ But when you sayI am happy, I am concentrated, I am unhappy,you refer to the mind as ‘I.’ The pure ‘I’,without any mixing up with body and mind,is SOUL(Atman).

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