Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meditation Sayings From Gita !

The yoga of meditation destroys all sorrow for the one who is moderate in eating, recreation, working, sleeping, and waking. (6.17)

A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Spirit, when the perfectly disciplined mind becomes free from all desires, and gets completely united with the Spirit in trance. (6.18)

A lamp in a spot sheltered by the Spirit from the wind of desires does not flicker. This simile is used for the subdued mind of a yogi practicing meditation on the Spirit. (6.19)

When the mind disciplined by the practice of meditation becomes steady, one becomes content with the Spirit by beholding the Spirit of God with purified intellect. (6.20)

One feels infinite bliss that is perceivable only through the intellect, and is beyond the reach of the senses. After realizing the Absolute Reality, one is never separated from it. (6.21)

After Self-realization (SR), one does not regard any other gain superior to SR. Established in SR, one is not moved even by the greatest calamity. (6.22)

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Bhadrasimha said...

బ్లాగు మిత్రులందరికీ నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకంక్షలు, ఈ కొత్త వత్సరం అందరు సుఖ సంతోషాలతో ఉండాలని ,
మనందరి పై ఆ శ్రీ నృసింహుని కృప ఉండాలని ఆసిస్తూ మీ కోసం
భద్రాచల నరసింహ క్యాలండర్ - 2010 ఈ కింది లింకులో
- భద్రసింహ