Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quotes About God's Divine !

In the case of The Sun, He is available for sight and experiencing the warmth provided by Him. It is not so in the case of the almighty. The Divine force is present everywhere in the universe, in all living and non-living beings. We start our life with an awareness of the external world around us. We start our life with an awareness of the external world around us. An awareness of God and Divine Force comes later only where there is self-Knowledge. The divine force is the controller of the universe. It is the cause for the movement of stars and planets; IT is the cause for the order in the Sun’s motion and the seasonal changes; IT is also the cause for the creation, sustenance and renewal of all bodies, living and non-living. It is not affected by our joys and sorrows.

Unfortunately, we tend to the mistake the visible world, the outer world of the universe as reality. The Reality, which is the Divine Energy is not available for our eyes to see and therefore not perceived by the crazy human minds that keep yearning for acquisition and possession of worldly objects, imagining that they will bring happiness. Actually, possessing them may bring pleasure but their loss will only cause pain and sorrow. It is necessary to understand the futility of this and realize that happiness is not to be sought in the outer world.

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