Monday, January 26, 2009

Spiritual Growth By Constant Progress Effort !

When we start any kind of spiritual activates, we found the lot of difficulties to follow it. Everyone knows the reason is material world behind that. But how many of them overcome the obstacle of material world.
Slow and steady Process required
You will get the spark once you read the spiritual scriptures or books. However it won’t remain in your thoughts and action at least for a day .that is the human nature when we are in material world. we should not worry about that. Daily keep on read some spiritual scriptures or books. Slowly it will change your inner thoughts.We need constant progress effort to move on towards our Goal. Overnight growth is exemption in the spirituality for normal human being.


Brian said...

Reasonableness and common sense is necessary

Spiritual Bee said...

Dear Brian
I agree that..Pls provide the example in spirituality for Reasonableness and common sense

Thanks for your comments

Brian said...

Value education or Spirituality tells us to be truthful. This includes speaking truth as well. However blanket rules like 'speak truth' in every situation goes against common sense. There is a story -
'Once upon a time(trainee)sage who just had a lesson on being truthful from his Guru Sage - was travelling through the jungle. The trainee sage show a deer running very fast pass by him. He was surprised why the deer was so frightend. Very soon he show a hunter - running as well. He stopped and asked trainee sage has he seen a deer and where has deer gone. The sage thought for a moment-thought about the lesson on truthfulness which his guru gave him and indicated to a particular road and said 'The deer has gone on the left'. The hunter went to left. But actually the deer went on the right. The trainee guru did not speak truth but used his common sense to decide what should be done in particular situation'. This is a example of common sense in spirituality. Following blanket rules may not work in practical life and common sense approach becomes essential.
Reasonable ness is a topic on its own and will cite an eg on it later. Thank you for having me and God bless you

Spiritual Bee said...

Really Nice Story..Thanks

lovephileo said...
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lovephileo said...

Spirituality is not really measured from what we hear, read, witness and learned. Spiritual growth is an encounter. It is a lifestyle, a character, a mission that makes a result. It answers the question of values and God's ultimate purpose of man. The great commission to man. Our pursuit of spiritual feedings are meaningless should it not manifest the main mission.I understand that spiritual educations are tools to enliven our christianity, feed our minds and make us draw nearer to God, but without tapping the very reason of christianty which is multiplication, this stuff are meaningless. My friend from kamja has something to tell with this regard also.