Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome Every Morning with A Grace !

Infinite is never lost and it can never be lost .Finite can never assert itself. Immortal is never dying or dead. Mortal can never be everlasting. Truth never deceives. Deception truthfully reveals itself through constant changes.

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Brian said...

Finite give meaning to Infinite. Finite increases the value of Infinite. If there was no death life would be less valuable. If there was no thorns, softness of flower would be less talked about. Ask the bird who has enjoyed flying in the sky throughout its life about freedom and it would not have any answer. Open the cage of the bird who has been kept there for a while and it would not wait to answer that question but the flapping of the wings and joyous chirping will give you the answer.Learn to understand the significance of each and everything/everyone in life