Saturday, May 23, 2009

Controlling The Mind For Inner Meditation !

In our daily life controlling the mind maybe possible by the following practices. Thesemay be considered regular techniques fordisciplining the mind:
1. Overcoming all desires for excessivepower and pleasure-hunting motives.
2. Associating oneself with wise andsaintly persons, and attending congregationsof scientific, creative and religious activities,like satsangs as and when possible. This leadsto transcendence of the mind from mundaneto sublime thoughts.
3. Practising dispassion, detachment,discrimination and judgement in a cool, calmand composed manner.
4. Engaging in fair, clean and transparentoccupation or avocation based on truthfulnessand honesty in dealings with people.
5. Maintaining cordial, harmonious andhumane relationship with all people.6. Regular and routine practice of Yogaand meditation as advocated by Patanjali. Yogais not merely a regime of physical exercises ascallisthenics, but also a discipline of mentalexercises like yama and niyama that makesbody and mind strong, conducive to attainingpeace and tranquillity

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