Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True GOD Love Never Fails !

QUESTION: In spite of knowing the fact that intensity and yearning is essential for God realization,we don’t have it. How to increase yearning for God?

ANSWER: There are two ways in which yearning for God can be increased. First, by developing disgust for worldly pleasures. This can be done by practising discrimination and thinking deeply about the ugly aspect of world pleasures, power and riches. In the Gita, it is said that one should meditate upon the suffering associated with birth, death, old age and disease. When we are convinced that the world is indeed ugly and full of suffering, we shall naturally turn towards God. The second method is to learn about the glories and greatness of God, etc., and thus, develop love for God. If one has true love for God, yearning will come naturally

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