Monday, May 18, 2009

Understanding The Human Needed For Spirituality !

      Mind or the capacity to think, feel and express, is what makes a human being unique.As is a man’s mind, so is a man. The possession of the mind and its diverse expressions differentiates man from other sub-human species. The mind makes us aware of the world around us and is also the source of our selfawareness.It is the mind that controls and guides our interactions with others and the world in general.

      A Sanskrit saying states: mano matram jagat, mano kalpitam jagat-'the world is as the mind sees and feels it; the world is as the mind thinks of it.' Hence a study of mind can indeed be a rewarding and helpful exercise in order to make the world a better place to live.Violence, crime and unhappiness are all born of a lack of understanding of how the human mind works or reacts. If we want to control our reactions, and enjoy inner peace and joy,we must know how our mind works.

      Being the storehouse of thoughts, the mind has the capacity for rational, analytical and discriminative thinking, and thus making possible our subjective appreciation of the objective world.Apparently, the human mind is or appears to be some kind of a formless ‘spirit’ or an energy source occupying no particular place of origin or location in the human body.Yet it possesses the capacity to oversee,influence, co-ordinate and execute the functions of brain. Several thousand years ago, the great Upanishadic rishis studied the human mind elaborately including its source. They rightly concluded that mind is different from the Self, the atman, that is at the root of all creation and activities

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