Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Different Aspect Of The mind !

1. Chronobiology and Mind:
Chronobiology is the study of the changing pattern of the mind that takes place with ageing. The mind matures as the years add on to life. It becomes enriched with experiences earned and lessons learned. It is a natural evolutionary process and depends largely upon one’s heredity and environment—especially upbringing and education. In ripe old age,gradual dwindling and decline of the mental faculties like memory, alertness and reactions to responses, occur. These are all normal biological events but have a bearing on the control of mind.

2. Mind and Heart:
Mind influences the body. Expressions such as love, well wishes,gratitude or the opposite of all these originate from mind. It is sometimes identified as coming from ‘heart’ but mind is the umbrella term containing both heart and intelligence.Scientifically heart does not produce these expressions but originate from the softer or emotional aspect of antah-karana or the inner instrument.

3. The Mind and Face:
The clichø, ‘the Face is an Index of the Mind’ is undeniably true The face expresses whatever is brewing inside the mind before it is expressed. The contours of the face express the thoughts of the mind as a mirror. So, by studying the facial contours and their expressions a person’s character can be made out to a large extent. In an interview a great deal of a candidate’s personality is revealed by his facial expressions even before he talks.

4. Mind and Health:
The role of mind in regulating health is well known and is being appreciated more and more in modern patient care. In diseases, the disposition of the mind
and the prevailing emotional state, like happiness and cheerful state of the mind, help in the process of healing. If the mind is unburdened, free from all woes, worries, tensions, anxieties, fears, etc., one’s health is seen to be sound. A happy and peaceful mind begets a strong body.

5. Strength of Mind:
This means the capacity of mind. The term strength is used to assess a person and his temperament as a whole. The strength of mind is one’s capacity and calibre to tackle and interact with any situation adverse or friendly in daily life

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