Monday, May 26, 2008

Be True To Yourself !

It is difficult to find the necessary sense of proportion in dealing with others. Be strong so that others cannot advantage of you. Don’t be touchy, sensitive, and nervous. The right perspective must be developed in every spiritual aspirant. Take things as calmly as possible. Try to see things they are. Have adjustment for the sake of peace, and think that we have to deal with human personalities. We often prick others. Some emanate good, clam, peaceful vibrations; others, bad vibrations and thoughts.

Try to be true to yourself and true to God, then it becomes easier to be true to others.

~Meditation and spiritual life (Page 652)

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Brian said...

Using common sense, knowledge about others and the self helps us to find the right proportion in dealing with others. For e.g If someone tells me off how would I feel, if not good I shouldn’t do the same on others – proportion found? Similiary if I know that this person is bit sensitive use right method of communication etc.

Sometimes we prick others – may be we overreact yes its not justified if we do it all the time but at times its probably because of on going unresolved issues. Besides it could be self defence – look at Rose flower and plant. Rose is beautiful flower yet if one aggressively tries to pluck it from the plant the thorns underneath prick – this is self defence – even the most delicate, gentle, virtuous flower has self defence mechanism. So be gentle with others and they wouldn’t prick – try it out.

I should take responsibility of my own inner space – try and keep it clean and I would emnate good vibrations. At times it is difficult to keep it cool but I invite your suggestion on this.