Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Enjoying Everyday Life !

As long as the soul of man is restrained, he can't attain true happiness. Happiness doesn’t lie in external objects. It is the inherent nature of the self. Thus ignorance itself is the greatest bondage. Ignorance gives rise to egotism. Egotism gives rise to attachment, aversion and fear. All these bind the soul and prevent it from experiencing boundless happiness which is its own intrinsic nature. However, there comes a stage in man’s evolution when his soul awakes from its age-long slumber and becomes conscious of this bondage. When this happened he wants to attain absolute freedom by realizing his true self

~ senior monk of Ramakrishna order

he summit of happiness is reached when a person is ready to be what he is. ~Erasmus


Brian said...

Soul experiences happiness when

• When he makes an effort to connect with God by ‘Remembering Him’(Manmanabhav) or
• God has blissful vision on him and passes on this good vibrations to him then the soul dances in happiness

Ignorance can be dispelled only with God’s blessings and by remembering God. Ignorance is built over a cycle and therefore cannot be removed in someone by giving him talk.
Happiness doesn’t lie in external objects – well even a spiritual Buddhu would know that but because soul is in search of happiness he tries to seek it in external things.

Spiritual Bee said...

External objects means Worldly Desires and its dosent mean real objects....

Thanks for your comments..

Brian said...

I mean the same. Soul in search of happiness tries to seek happiness by satifying 'worldly desires'
tx don't misunderstand me whoever you are. We are all godly children and therefore brothers and sisters. This is in no way contradiction of what u are saying but simply expression of opinion.