Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spiritual But Not Religious !

God Is Love
Sri Ramakrishna says:" Know yourself and you come to know god." Everybody is drawing the same water, the waters of life. God is everywhere. Seek God everywhere! God is seen as different Forms. He is all this and more. In the end He reveals Himself as He is. Take up any aspect of God. Follow an aspect. But remember that each divine Form is an uncommon point. We have to outgrow the uncommon points, and discover the circle, the all-pervading infinite spirit. There is a law of growth. Follow it.


Brian said...

God is omnipotent but not omnipresent. He is not everywhere. He resides in 'Soul world' for most of the cycle. He comes into this world at 'Confluence Age'only, he creates subtle region at this time. So if you seek him everywhere you will be everywhere, you can meet him in soul world and subtle region and have heart to heart conversation. You can also meet him face to face when he enters his 'chariot'.

Spiritual Bee said...

God is present in all places; however, our conception of Him must not be of Him filling space, as water fills a jug, for He has no physical or material dimensions.

It is as spirit that He is everywhere, in heaven, earth and hell. Although it surpasses the understanding of creatures such as we are, who are limited and bound to material bodies, God Himself is present everywhere in His majesty and power.

JaiSriRamakrishna maharaj ki jai