Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man As Infinite Spirit !

Each one of us is apart of the infinite spirit. As our mind and heart become pure, whether in the initial stage we believe in a cosmic spirit or not, we come to get hold of our individual inner self. As we move further and further, we find that we are all really parts of a greater whole and this is the greatest truth we need. We, as souls, we inseparable parts of the supreme spirit.
~Meditation and Spiritual Life book (page122)


Brian said...

It is true that when we, the souls develop a ‘bond of love’ with the supreme soul we become inseparable from him. (i.e A soul cannot be cannot be separated from supreme soul)
However, Each soul is different from other souls and supreme soul. It has its own identity and therefore is not part of supreme soul. The word parts is wrongly used here.

Brian said...

Detached Vs Indifferent

One who is detached is not affected by the negativity of concerns/problems of others but would still get involved and do what is possible to resolve them. That one would also accept it takes ‘two to tango’ or ‘it requires two hands to clap’ and therefore partly responsible for the problem.

One who is indifferent says that ‘His problem are his and he has brought it upon himself, its up to him to leave the problem – put the glass down etc’ and would do very little to resolve them

Be Detached not indifferent towards the problems of others.