Friday, May 30, 2008

To Stop Negative Attitude To Have Positive Attitude

Learn to become fully conscious under all circumstances and in all situations of life, and learn to recognize your own true motives in every understanding. Criticize yourself severely, but this criticism must always be constructive, and never merely destructive, if it is to help you in your spiritual striving and evolution. The negative attitude “I am a sinner” only makes you a sinner all the more, and takes away from all spiritual initiative.

~ senior monk of Ramakrishna order

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Brian said...

True Self Respect does not seek praise or attention and does not need to be bolstered in any way. It is ego which needs to be bolstered. However a person with self respect will move away where the honour is at stake.
Expressing your concerns/issues is not complaining or drawing attention. It is also not personal and shouldn't be taken as personal allegation, cynicism or criticism. Unresolved issues turns relationships into mere arrangements where there is no depth or bond of love and therefore cannot weather storms of adverse situations.